Newstastic Article: Treats YOUR Way at CrEATe Donuts Co.

Amy Oliver from Salt Lake City News: CHECK IT OUT!

Here are some tidbits:

Walking through the doors of CrEATe Donuts Co. in Sandy is like walking into a "steam punk meets vintage bicycle reuse" dream hangout. But it's more than just a place to be social. To people who love a new and different experience, or who just really find happiness in their desserts, the small dessert shop is heaven made edible.

Walking the dessert line at crEATe Donuts Co. is your first foray into a major sugar rush. The main desserts to choose from include cookies, cupcakes, donuts, amd trifles, but nowadays customers are also using gelato, crepes, and brownies to build a personalized piece of heaven. 

Toppings, dressings, and drizzles are nearly endless and range from gummi bears and cookie crumbles to sausage and bananas. And there's not a person in the building who won't cheer you on.

"You can tell a lot about their personalities by how they build their desserts," said LaDonnia Jones, local and owner of crEATe Donuts Co, of her customers. And the most health-conscious dessert-makers and toe-bouncers (excited customers that Jones says bounce on their toes out of excitement) will "bounce for joy," at Jones' use of organic ingredients and gluten-free choices on the menu wherever possible. 

Repeat treats made and eaten with joy and a smile is Jones' passion. It's the moment Jones describes as, "Oh my gosh, I have found what I've always been looking for, but I never knew I needed." 

Happiness is just a donut and a car ride away. Drive faster!